Serving families
with heart and harmony

since 1995


Our Team

At the Core of Our Business,
You’ll Find a Servant’s Heart

Since Mark Lloyd founded The Lloyd Group in 1995, he has been dedicated to serving generations of families throughout greater Atlanta with honesty, integrity and compassion. We like to say “we’re a big-city firm with a small-town feel” because we’re proud of our principles and humble roots and know it’s imperative to build genuine relationships before we build tailored financial plans.

Check out our Team page to meet Mark and our network of investment and insurance professionals who will help guide you toward wealth development, asset preservation and, ultimately, your dream retirement.

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Our seminars cover a multitude of topics and focus on specific areas of investing. We explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand way so you can make informed decisions and face the future with confidence and excitement.


Our Process

Orchestrate Retirement Harmony

Our unique, four-step Orchestrate Retirement Harmony planning process is designed to give you confidence that your portfolio is composed of instruments and strategies that hit all the right personal and financial notes.


1. Identify Your Key


2. Compose Your Plan


3. Find Financial Harmony


4. Stay in Tune

A Must Read

Avoid Sour Notes: “Composing Your Own Financial Symphony”

In his book, “Composing Your Own Financial Symphony,” founder Mark Lloyd will help you understand how to create your own retirement masterpiece, highlighting strategies to:

  • Avoid retirement roller coasters and “red zone” miscalculations

  • Prepare for the “tax time bomb” and rising health care expenses

  • Help ensure you won’t outlive your money

  • Much more

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