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Our Approach

We provide a variety of strategies and financial products to help you preserve what you’ve amassed, pursue your passions and provide for your family — now and in the future.

Our Process

Orchestrate Retirement Harmony

At The Lloyd Advisory Group, we believe everyone deserves a retirement that strikes the perfect chord. We created our unique Orchestrate Retirement Harmony planning process to help you identify instruments and strategies that can help produce your financial masterpiece.


Step 1. Identify Your Key

This discovery or “get to know each other” meeting allows you to define what an ideal retirement looks like to you.


Step 2. Compose Your Plan

In our second meeting, we deliver a financial strategy that is in tune with your goals, needs and circumstances.


Step 3. Find Financial Harmony

After making final adjustments, we implement your financial strategy so you can live a harmonious retirement.


Step 4. Stay in Tune

We regularly monitor your strategy and recommend possible changes to help you and your family hit all of retirement’s high notes.

Ready to make your retirement sing?

Please fill out this Orchestrate Retirement Harmony Client Questionnaire before your first meeting.


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Our Comprehensive Services

We’re independent, so we can help you develop your custom financial strategy from a wide array of products, services and approaches. We can help meet your specific financial needs, no matter how close you are to retirement.


Financial Planning

Our independence allows us to develop comprehensive, personal financial plans built around your specific needs. With access to many different investment and insurance products from many companies and carriers, our professionals recommend customized strategies, not canned or cookie-cutter offerings. We believe your portfolio should be as unique as you are, which is why we say building meaningful financial plans starts with building meaningful relationships.



None of us want to be a burden on our loved ones — not now, not ever. That’s why we all need some form of life insurance, to help cover expenses ranging from funeral costs to other bills such as utilities, groceries, outstanding debts (including mortgages), loans and more. But what kind of policy is best for your situation: term or whole life? Our specialists can help you assess various factors and issues to determine a policy that best suits you.


Retirement Planning

The moment you’ve been waiting for since you first started saving. It’s like a vacation without an end — but how will you spend your time? That depends on the decisions you make now, most notably determining how to develop income streams for your post-work years. Whether you’re in your 30s, nearing retirement or already in it, we can help you navigate IRAs, annuities, Social Security, life insurance, investment products and more to give you confidence your retirement years will be exactly what you envisioned.


Wealth Management

Are your assets structured to help you achieve your goals? Does your investing strategy align with your age and risk tolerance, or might you unknowingly be placing a disproportionate amount of your wealth in jeopardy? Whether you’re concerned about outliving your assets, protecting your family from a long-term care incident, paying too much in taxes or transferring wealth to a loved one or charities, our comprehensive planning approach will position you for both the expected and the unexpected.



You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan without medical underwriting — if you apply during your six-month open enrollment period which begins when your Medicare Part B becomes effective. Make sure you don’t miss it by requesting your Medicare Supplement insurance quote here.

Whether you are a new Medicare beneficiary or purchased a supplement plan years ago, we are here to help you explore your plan options and offer supplement insurance quotes without any obligation to apply.


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We also offer guidance and services in these areas:

  • Estate planning

  • Probates and trusts

  • Gifting

  • Annuities

  • Long-term care

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